jim henson

Jim Henson’s Fantastic World, at the Museum of the Moving Image, “features over 120 artifacts, including drawings, storyboards, and props, all of which illustrate Henson’s boundless creativity and innumerable accomplishments.”

pretty on the inside

Pretty on the Inside, a seven person show at Paul Kasmin, includes ironic or subversive work that “hijacks the language of cartoons and comics to both celebrate and criticize contemporary culture.”

tracey goodman

Tracey Goodman’s show at Regina Rex “disrupts the familiarity of the preexisting architecture through a number of incisive modifications to the space.”

leidy celeste nicole

LEIDY CELESTE NICOLE, at Museum 52, consists of three artists that “point toward similar terrain, in which painting, drawing, and mark-making are imbued with politics, and with the body and biography.”

time again

Time Again, an exhibition at the Sculpture Center that “explores the language of repetition, bringing together works that destabilize conventional ways of seeing and considering what is past and what is present,” closes July 25.