pray to fallen skies

Pray To Fallen Skies, my first solo UK exhibition, opens November 29th at Rook and Raven Gallery in London. An AdamWaymouthProduction, the show features my all-white pieces that further explore the dichotomy between purity of image and roughness of material.

goshka macuga

Goshka Macuga’s show at Andrew Kreps “is comprised of works that were recently shown at the Zachęta National Gallery of Art in Warsaw, which was the first major presentation of her work in a public institution in Poland.”

antony gormley

Bodyspace, Antony Gormley’s show at Sean Kelly, “expands his investigation into the polarizing effects of mass and energy through the installation of two new works in the gallery’s main exhibition space.”

egon shiele

Egon Schiele’s Women, at Galerie St. Etienne, shows how Schiele’s work “presaged the more fluid, open-ended approach to gender and sexuality that prevails today.”

richard prince

White Paintings, Richard Prince’s show at Skarstedt, is comprised of “ten paintings from the series executed during the early 1990s.”

cy twombly

Cy Twombly: The Last Paintings, at Gagosian, features his last paintings along with about 100 of his photographs.

john baldessari

Double Play, John Baldessari’s show at Marian Goodman, “consists of a new series of paintings on canvas in which Baldessari engages us in his strategic and diverse practice of selection and montage, removal and assembly.”