rain room

Rain Room, Random International’s immersive environment installation at MoMA, “offers visitors the experience of controlling the rain.”

101 spring street

Donald Judd’s loft at 101 Spring Street, “one of the founding sites in the program of Historic Artists’ Homes and Studios for the National Trust for Historic Preservation,” will be open to the public beginning June 3.

jannis kounellis

Jannis Kounellis’s show at Cheim and Read “incorporates the themes and concerns of Kounellis’s best known work, while also reacting to and engaging with the gallery as a unique space.”

arne svenson

Arne Svenson’s show at Julie Saul consists of photographs he secretly took of his neighbors, in an attempt to “capture unadulterated representations of humankind.”

anselm kiefer

Anselm Kiefer’s show at Gagosian “further explores the historical and formal concerns of “Morgenthau Plan,” his exhibition that inaugurated Gagosian Le Bourget in Paris last October.”

rob pruitt

The Last Panda, Rob Pruitt’s show at Gavin Brown, “exploits the problematic tension of artistic invention threatened with imminent cultural extinction.”