mike brodie

A Period of Juvenile Prosperity, Mike Brodie’s show at Yossi Milo, “depicts the gritty youth subculture of freight train hoppers and squatters.”

bill brandt

Bill Brandt’s retrospective at MoMA “represents a major critical reevaluation of his heralded career.”

tilda swinton

Tilda Swinton staged an unannounced performance of The Maybe last weekend at the MoMA, and will do so periodically through the end of 2013.

nick cave

Heard NY, Nick Cave’s piece at Grand Central, “transforms Vanderbilt Hall with a herd colorful life-size horses that peacefully graze and periodically break into choreographed movement.”

tiago estrada

The Wall of Pleasure, Tiago Estrada’s show at Rooster, continues the artist’s “previous research regarding language and its use, but it is also a deeper reflection on one’s true freedom and expression.”

jon kessler

The Swiss Institute presents The Web, Jon Kessler’s show that “that addresses the significance of the Internet and mobile devices in our lives while simultaneously examining the role of the viewer.”

james turrell

James Turrell’s show at Pace focuses on “the Roden Crater, an extinct volcano in the Painted Desert of Northern Arizona that Turrell has been transforming into a monumental work of art since the 1970s.”