rosy keyser

Rosy Keyser’s show at Peter Blum Chelsea “brings together a group of large-scale canvases and small works that relate themes of transmutation and rebirth to the concept that energy can neither be created nor destroyed.”

bruce davidson

Bruce Davidson: Subway, first realized in 1986, is being shown at Aperture to coincide with the re-relase of this highly influential book.


RAW, a group show at PA&G, closes October 27th.

brian dewan

Brian Dewan’s show at Pierogi, The Tide Waits for No Man, “features a new I-CAN-SEE Film Strip of the same name, to go with his previous pieces Before the White Man Came, Deuteronomy, Grimm’s Tales, Neighbors in the Solar System, The Course of Your Research, The King of Instruments, and The Habit of Innovation, among others.”

alexander calder

Pace focuses on Alexander Calder in 1941, “a seminal moment in Calder’s career and the apotheosis of a decade of experimentation following his invention of the mobile in 1931.”

peter fox

Peter Fox’s show at The Front Room in Brooklyn is “loaded with context in relationship to movements in formal and conceptual art, and overflowing with color.”