matthew ritchie

matthew ritchie andrea rosen

The Matthew Ritchie show at Andrea Rosen, which “embodies a comprehensive visual examination of diagrammatic thinking,” closes October 22.

fred wilson

fred wilson pace gallery sculptures and paintings

Sculptures, Paintings and Installations, Fred Wilson’s show at Pace, opens September 12.

cory arcangel

cory arcangel team gallery wooster street

At Team’s Wooster Street space, Cory Arcangel “has produced a body of work expanding upon his use of cultural and technological obsolescence as the source of an artistic vocabulary.”

james bishop

james bishop david zwirner

The James Bishop show at David Zwirner will include “several large paintings on canvas from the 1960s to the early 1980s, as well as small-scale paintings on paper.”

jeff koons

jeff koons whitney museum play-doh

The Jeff Koons show at the Whitney features almost 150 objects dating from 1978 to the present, making it the “most comprehensive ever devoted to the artist’s groundbreaking oeuvre.”