catherine opie

High School Football, Catherine Opie’s show at Mitchell-Innes & Nash, continues her “exploration of American spaces and communities, and the rituals and visual codes that define them.”

antoine catala

Each piece in Antoine Catala’s show at 47 Canal represents a syllable of the phrase ‘I See Catastrophes Ahead’.

johannes vanderbeek

Johannes Vanderbeek’s show at Zach Feuer was prompted by the question: ‘Is it important for an artist to discuss the world around them through their work?’”

melanie willhide

Melanie Willhide’s show at Von Lintel is “dedicated to the stranger who burglarized the artist’s home in spring of 2010.”

paul graham

Paul Graham’s show at Pace features “new diptychs shot on the streets of New York that capture moments in the life of the city.”