best of 2012

Soloway presents The Best of 2012, “the finest combination of established experts and promising adepts in the fields of art-creation and meaning-production.”

joyce pensato

Joyce Pensato’s show at Friedrich Petzel features “paintings and drawings incorporating her familiar cartoon imagery of clowns, Homer Simpson, Groucho Marx, Mickey Mouse, and a character the artist refers to as ‘The Juicer.'”

nick mauss

Nick Mauss’s show at 303 Gallery “articulates the experience of looking at something that you have seen, thought about and made.”

jason fox

Jason Fox’s show at Peter Blum “creates a dialogue between pop culture, religious icons, and abstraction.”

slater bradley

Don’t Let Me Disappear, Slater Bradley’s video at Team, “follows Bradley’s Doppelgänger, model and actor Benjamin Brock, as he wanders alone through New York City.”