bernard frize

Winter Diary, Bernard Frize’s show at Pace, “features fifteen new paintings that continue Frize‚Äôs process-oriented practice of creating work according to systems, rules, and chance.”

dirk skreber

Dirk Skreber’s show at Petzel “continues to mine the contradictions of popular imagery through both conceptual and formal variations.”

russell nachman

Palimpsest III, Russell Nachman’s show at LMAK projects, “continues his exploration and meditaion on the waning days of western metaphysics.”

jean-michel basquiat

The Basquiat show at Gagosian offers the public “a fresh opportunity to consider his central role in his artistic generation as a lightning rod and a bridge between cultures.”

chris antkowiak

Chris Antkowiak should by now be finished with his 12th annual Valentine’s Day Painting.